Not your ordinary amateur project, but if you’ve not seen a tower stacked with a gin pole, download this slide show. It’s about 65 Megs and is zipped. You only need to unzip it and click on the icon to play as it is self-contained and needs no extra hardware to run. Be sure to turn on your speakers.

All about the PACRAT.

Removing 150 feet of R25G at the QTH of NB4U with the PACRAT.

Using the PACRAT to lift 90 feet of R25G of a 120 foot tower for KJ4NUN.

Removing 100 foot R25G in Arcadia Fl. With the PACRAT.

Some of the work completed by SST Custom Fabricators.

A remotely adjustable full coverage 80 meter V – no tuner required.

Did you ever see a two story house on top of a tower?

Installing boomers at the QTH of W4QJP.

The Slider – remotely hanging wire antennas from guy wires – no climbing.

The Okeechobee Amateur Radio Club hamfest.

Our good friend brother Roy Johnson – N4ZUA.

A few images from 30 years of tower work.

The first time out for the PACRAT.

How would your truck look in camo?

Building the fan dipole for AA4CV.

- More work by SST

Small tower for a local ham.

If there is a purpose for this website it would be to share information, but second to that, it’s also a learning experience to see just what an old Tower Dawg can conjure up. I have often said I have so many toys that I have to hire people to help me play with them. I’m sure there has to be other like me that have short attention spans. If there is no challenge, then I’m on to the next project. This website is an example. As soon as I have it up and running with all links intact, I decide to add something, trash the whole thing and start over. Most of the links will take you to a page relating to work or hobbies from the last 30 plus years. Hope you enjoy.


What I found at the QTH of W4UWH!